Inspirational hand dyed yarn

About us

First of all, cosmic strings are a real (ish) thing - you can look them up later! But that has nothing to do with our line of luxury hand dyed yarn. We just liked the sound of it. 

We are an artisan yarn dyeing company based at our home in Edinburgh, providing carefully dyed, excellent quality yarn. We have all kinds of fun and exciting colours to suit your mood. We use professional dyes to achieve contemporary colourways and want to provide inspirational yarn to fuel your creativity. Our yarn can give your project a unique look and we hope our colourways will give you endless possibilities. 

All our yarn is packaged with care and we do our best to match dye lots if we do not have enough left of one lot. We hope you enjoy making your projects with our yarn. Please send us pictures, no matter how small your project, we are still eager to see them! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.